Here is a great little piece from Liz Earle Wellbeing. She quotes the five best juices there are for juicing.  These include grapes, melons, oranges and pineapples, but valuably there is only one which principally comes from the UK. 

“Apple juice is a wonderful cleanser, great for weight-loss diets and useful as an all-round general tonic. It also mixes well with most other juices and can help thin out strong-tasting juices, such as beetroot, or thick juices such as prune and strawberry. The harder, crisper varieties are the best fruits for juicing but all apples are good sources of pectin, tannic acid and malic acid, which help remove toxins from the intestines and regulate the bowel. Their potassium and phosphorus content help keep the liver and kidneys working healthily and the skin looking fresh and clear, and as a good source of beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, together with vitamins C, K and magnesium, they can also help ward off colds and infections.”
I saw this on her Twitter feed @LizEarleWb

I’m just pleased to think about all those apples picked in October and November, and our harvesting their excellent juice which you can enjoy all the year round! To check out how you can do this, simply, take a look at the shop page. Thank you.