We’ve been through the blissful springtime blossom, and trees heaving with bees buzzing, and now the apples are quietly growing.

The new trees don’t have many apples, and will be thinned (or where small trees) all removed to ensure the tree itself grows.

We’ve also had lots of attack from deer! Much as I am sure everyone loves Bambi, I have reservations when their numbers are swelling, and then they meander into the new plantation and nibble off the tops of the young trees!  Once that has happened, unless the tree is resolute and can put up a new strong leader shoot, it will instead need replacing next winter. That means needing to ensure the replacement is the same variety as everything is in blocks to aid many harvests to come, and juice and apple differentiation.

The bar has been travelling to shows and markets! It’s been really inspiring to hear many people offer praise with every glass of juice or cider drunk!  It has also resulted in a number of people ordering it for their shops or catering businesses.  Wonderful!

Do give a call (01749812652) or email if you have an event where you think we could be a positive addition. info@applesjuice.co.uk