After a while deliberating, we are now able to provide the Dowdings dry still Tower Brue in 3-litre pouches. This is ideal for those wanting some quality cider to take to festival, to events, to parties and a multitude of other occasions.

This will also be available in some local shops and direct from the website. Those close enough will always be welcome to colletc, but please email or ring first – we don’t want you to waste a journey. If it isn’t in your shop, do ask them to contact us to see how they can stock it.

The process of filling them is entertaining, a.k.a. frustrating and  some colourful language! It required the barrel, into which the cider is pumped, to be placed at enough height to get the cider to flow into the pouch. But, not too fast that the pouch can’t expand to take it. Then it needs to slow when nearly full, or there is spillage to clear up! The pouch has to be fully stretched to accomodate the full 3 litres so needs care and diligence.