Wassail At the Chapel report and thank you’s.

There was standing room only At the Chapel in Bruton on Saturday night at the fundraising event for the Pitcombe Rock Falconry.

On behalf of Dowding’s Apple Juice & Cider, we’d like to thank everyone that supported this event, including all those that helped publicise it. With your help, we think we’ve raised around £500.

Being January, we also hoped to use the event to raise awareness of the varied and traditional Wassails taking place at this time in our region. It was therefore such a bonus to hear so many people saying at the end of the evening how inspired they felt to explore these traditions.

In particular, thank you to At the Chapel for providing the perfect venue and complimentary catering.

Thanks also to Maison Catelier perfumers, who’s wonderful Cisdre candles had the inside part of the venue smell like a mossy orchard.

Then we had excellent speakers, including local historian Andrew Pickering. Local artist Kate Plowman did a grand job in providing a craft area for children which enabled the adults to concentrate on the speakers.

A big thank you to Wild Moon Morris, who’s fabulous Green Man greeted every guest individually and their wildly enchanting, first class performances, who’s professionalism in encouraging guests to join in on the last dance made for such a fun and inclusive and memorable evening.

Last but not least, thank you to Paul Briggs & Ollie Munn, who randomly found the “beans” in their Wassail cakes and were spontaneously crowned the Wassail King & Queen! We had secretly hoped that children might find the beans – but this clearly shows it wasn’t rigged!

Ollie and paul wassail king and queen
Ollie and paul the wassail king and queen
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